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Space Age magazine - notes for contributors

If you are interested in contributing an article for Space Age magazine then please read the notes below. (I based this first version on the contributor notes for Philosophy Now magazine)


We are interested both in major news stories about space exploration and the space age and in any smaller snippets of news too. News links are always welcome and we'll post them on our Facebook page as well!


Space Age magazine welcomes articles on any aspect of space travel or space exploration written in a lively, readable and non-technical style. The subject matter can be anything to do with launchers, spacecraft, space businesses, the economics or politics of space travel, space tourism, the International Space Station, the ethics of terraforming, social and cultural aspects of space travel or pretty much any other aspect of life in space. Book reviews are also welcome. So is fiction, and so is comic writing.

1. Space Age is a magazine designed to appeal to the general public as well as to hard-core space enthusiasts. Contributors should bear in mind that many of our readers might not have an advanced degree in science or engineering. Please keep any mathematical explanations or technical jargon to a bare minimum.

2. Articles should be between 1000 and 3500 words long, while book reviews should be of less than 1500 words. Please indicate exact number of words and include a short (50 word) abstract (just for filing purposes, not for publication).

3. By sending us an article you give us the right to publish it in paper and digital editions of Space Age and also to include it in paper and electronic collections of past issues. Authors are free to publish their contributions again elsewhere, so long as Space Age is acknowledged as the place of first publication.

4. All contributors whose work is published will receive a free subscription to Space Age magazine.

5. The decision of the Editors to accept or decline papers for publication will be final, arbitrary, frequently unjust and utterly irrevocable.

Please email your contribution as a Word attachment to:


Or mail it to:

The Editors
Space Age magazine
43a Jerningham Road
SE14 5NQ
United Kingdom

(This is version 1.2 dated 04.09.2014. Any suggestions for further improvements gratefully received!)