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Satellite Colony's
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Author:  Colonizer [ Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Satellite Colony's

ok i had an idea.

since many nations have space organizations like nasa why dont they join together to make a colony. many people dream of it and want it to happen.

this is how i would go through the prosses after their together.
1.)they work on designing and testing rotating colony sections and make it air tight
2.)once designs, money, etc. are in place they sart by building the center of the colony where it spins around it. start with some space docks, small barraks, bathroom, cafeteria, etc. but in a long cylinder.along with a system of solar panals.
3.) they then add the rotation equipment and a larger docking system then can be attached to a future hanger.
4.)They start adding sections onto the rotation gear. the sections would be like medicale, residentale, labs, engenering, comand, large greenhouse, etc.
5.)they continue to add sections untile they have enough room and gear to be self sastaing up to about 80%. each section also has some atmisphiric entry shuttles that are used for emergencys/exscape craft. they upgrade the hanger and solar system.
6.)they then can start building exparamentle deep space craft and more powerfull equipment. at this time only trained people can be on the colony.
7.)in this amount of time we sould still be upgrading systems such as computers. the systems will we set up to be removable in sections and parts for upgrading or fixing.the space shutle should now have also found a better fuel sorce and ingens for atmispheric take off and landing.

this is just my idea that can still be worked on and tweaked that i have had in my head for a few months.

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